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Originally a short story and then adapted for stage by its author Nick Card, 'The Interview' was first produced by Newbury Dramatic Society in April 2016, to favourable reviews. 


In August 2017, NDS  took 'The Interview' to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Have you ever had a nightmare job interview? Indifferent faces asking impossible questions, and interviewers who would rather be anywhere else but talking to you? Your dream job slides out of reach, and you feel utterly helpless. 

For Ian Marchbanks, his dream job and his nightmare interview were about to collide in the most dramatic way. Ian is a money-minded man with a money-minded girlfriend. When he stumbles upon a perfect job that pays more money than he had ever dreamed of, it is as if someone has designed a job specifically for him. 

Hell-bent on getting the position that he feels he is entitled to, Ian lies and cheats his way to the interview. As the interview begins to fall apart in ways he could not have possibly imagined, Ian is forced to endure surreal twists and sinister turns, as it slowly dawns on him that the company, the job and in particular - the interviewer - are not quite what they seem…

Image from 2016 production

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